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Deep Cleansing Facial Mask & Scrub

Deep Cleansing Facial Mask & Scrub


Back by popular demand & even better than everrrr

Our new Sea Weed & Glacial Marine Clay Facial Scrub /Mask

Made with a matrix of healing botanical’s:

Colloidal oat powder; coconut milk; willow bark; Aloe Vera; green tea (soothing calming redness, irritation & painful inflammation); Seaweed (soothing, deeply nourishing, and stimulates collagen & elastin, reduces aging & damaged skin); marine clay,  jojoba meal; olive leaf & baeboa powder (softens, reduces scaring, cleansing impurities & toxins, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal );Vitamins A, C & E; Omega 3 & fatty acids & antioxidants; Chamomile, fruit & veggie powders of raspberry, pumpkin, cranberry, strawberry, beet & cucumber powders .

Just add water, making a paste and massage over entire face avoiding eye area. Wash off, rinsing well or leave on as a mask.

A Bio dynamic, Highly Nutritious & Delicious facial treatment. 

Excellent for rejuvenating sensitive skin, acne, reducing scaring, & recharging face with a healthy  clean vibrant glow.