About Us

The defence for the earth, our oceans and wildlife is an endurance with great sacrifices. Many of us found our souls and hearts needing simple reprieve - for me it was the gardens and Clayoquot's all encompassing beauty that led me to my next inspiration. 

My life since a young child has always been nourished by roaming the woods, combing the beaches, reading books from the library of native herbal medicines, alternative plant healing and my all time favorite that I watched my mother do was making various poultices. Helping others with the healing powers of botanicals was a real big interest and desire that I couldn't let go of. My grandmother and her sisters (my aunts and great aunts) mom and dad shared old fashioned tried and true remedies before taking us to the doctor. 

All of this played a big role through influence and teachings. This is where nature and science hold hands....this is where my inspiration to create Sea Wench Naturals came from. My passion is to create a truly beautiful therapeutic organic natural product that reflects the magnificent rainforest in which we live. 

Sea Wench Naturals was born and grew from candles, soaps, herbal salves, suds, creams, shampoo and botanical oils to a full organic body care line. Sea Wench Naturals offers the highest in quality ingredients, small and fresh batches for the ultimate benefits in therapeutic well being. 

Using pure essential oils and interchangeable synergy scents that are beneficial for male and female, young and elder. What we do is based on traditions that date back thousands of years because everything we know about skins and hair care, we learned from nature first. We are partners after all.