• We are a Tribal Parks Ally

    Sea Wench Natural’s is a Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations Tribal Parks Ally and supports the efforts by the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation to create, maintain and protect their traditional territory and it’s use.  Through the use of predominantly local, 100% natural, often wild-crafted, organic herbal products, Sea Wench is proud of its participation and support of First Nations involvement in our operations.    

    Clayoquot Sound provides a pharmacopeia of incredible healing herbals and medicinal plants, many of yet to be discovered from both land and sea. 

    Sea Wench gathers & grows many of the natural botanicals that are incorporated into our hand-made products. We also purchase & support ethical, sustainable, fair-trade First Nations’ companies who provide us with some of the most unique and signature ingredients for our products. 

    We all live in this beautiful place and are fortunate to be here.  The choices we make resonate with our lives and that is why we respect, care for, and produce quality products that are good for the body, mind and environment.  Through this company, we give back what we have been given and help those around us to be healthy, prosperous and connected to all life.  The ocean and the forests provide so much for us all and the respect and gratitude we show to all life here is expressed in the work we do and those involved.  

    We give thanks to the ancestors of this place, to those dwelling here and the land, waters, plants, animals, birds and all life that surrounds us.  Klecco, Klecco, Thank You. 

    Sea Wench Naturals.