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Why Choose Us


- ALL NATURAL & ORGANIC Sea Wench is Canadian.

- It has an identity and comes from a place you can identify with. 

- It is better for your hair, skin and environment.

- We are committed to using only natural ingredients that are gentle on you,  your children, your family, all animals and the environment.

- What we do is based on traditions that date back thousands of years because everything we know about skin and hair care, we learned from nature first. 

- We prioritize our sourcing ; local availability and take the green mile approach whenever possible. i.e. local clay, essential oil's, botanicals, carrier oils, art work, packaging, rare organic berry and vegetable seed oils.

- We support local and small businesses, farmers and environmentally sound practices.

- We create products that are compatible for all skin types, emphasizing on the super sensitive and troubled skin ailments.

- COMPLETE BODY CARE LINE ; something for the entire family, therapeutic and interchangeable synergy scents and beneficial's for male and female, young and elder. ( yes you can use your body oil for hair treatments and your body wash for shampoo, your pomade on face body & hair ... expensive, yes, but if it was my belly after baby .....i'd use Blue Pearl Berry seed oils to bring it back .   

- ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE ; We don't introduce petrochemicals into the air, land or water.  Our products are completely biodegradable and in a pinch, our oil could be your salad dressing. We use recyclable (hdpe ) plastic bottles, glass and metal containers, recycled and post consumer paper products in as much of our packaging as possible.

- AFFORDABLE QUALITY ; Sea Wench Natural 's offers the highest quality natural and organic ingredients providing you with the most beneficial and therapeutic products for the best price possible, something for every financial budget.

- NO ANIMAL TESTING ; We do not test on animals or compromise, nor do we accept animal testing data of an ingredients safety or effectiveness

- HANDCRAFTED  PRODUCTS ; Our products are handmade in small batch's on a frequent basis, giving you the freshest product possible.  We've been making soap for over 25 years and have learned the secrets of the finest therapeutic bars in the world.  Our soaps are supper fatted at trace, using Canadian organic cold pressed Berry Seed oils, giving you a luxurious moisturizing beauty bar.  We give a complete list of our ingredients and do not use endangered botanical ingredients.

- GIVING BACK ; Sea Wench Naturals is fortunate enough to live in a pristine environment with nature, plants and animals always as a reminder how Beautiful, sensitive and complex life is. How responsible we truly are for things in life both good / bad and the affects we have on our planet.  There is a balance and it is vital we pay attention.