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Living in the heart of Clayoquot sound, framed in magnificent mountains, ocean, ancient forests, Sea Wench Naturals is forever reminded of the delicate, fragile environment in which we live .

Drawing on this inspiration, our products are a tribute to a truly unique biosphere .
Sea wench evolved from over 30 years of research study & practice to bring 
the highest quality of  100% natural & organic ,plant based ingredients used in all our creations. Some of our specialty products are made in small batches with seasonal sourcing, infused using local medicinal plants, roots, buds & powders, offering you the ultimate benefits from nature.

Our formulation expertise melds the purity of old wor
ld techniques with the power of natural science. 

Our products are brought together in a perfect match with state of the art blending, batching, lab testing & Co2 extractions for select wild-crafted plants.

Sea Wench naturals carries a full line of Natural Organic products, all skin types for the whole family young, old, male, female & pets .

Our products promote the benefits of therapeutic wellness, leaving you refreshed, energized & beautiful. 

Our commitment is to you & our environment for a healthy, sustainable, biosphere friendly alternative in skin care .