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Coastal Red Cedar Leaf Oil

Coastal Red Cedar Leaf Oil

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Sea Wench Natural's Signature Scent.

We source this precious oil from BC's coastal rainforest and are grateful to be able to offer it to our Sea Wench Community! Available in 10ml and 30ml bottles.

“Green Giant “Tree of Life

Our red coastal cedar tree “Thuja plicata” essential oil is no ordinary cedar oil.
The extraordinary steam distilled leaves create a medicinal oil that is antimicrobial, anti bacterial, anti mold, & anti fungal.
Our Thuja plicata aids respiratory, skin disorders, infections, arthritis, muscle & joint pain, & depression.
Currently they have discovered it’s ability to help rid 'sick building syndrome' by using the oil diffused through their ventilation systems. This amazing oil serves as our Signature scent, along with other supporting beneficial oils to aid in healing, strengthening, & inspiration. Can be used directly on skin when diluted with carrier oils, diffused for your home, cleaning purposes, & bath.

A few drops go a long way with this exquisite oil .


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